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"An exciting new blend of Tradition and contemporary instrumentation. The Nubian Messengers has a sound that is necessary for all audiences to witness and listen to!"

NUBIAN MESSENGERS  (Ancient-Future Ensemble) is a 7 member band made up of African Percussion at its core infused with the right combination of Horns, Bass, & Traps. N.M. is the brainchild of our founder & managing director/wordsmith - Mwata Nubian who shared this idea with Aquah Tcherbu Beale & Kojo Ayinde Johnson. We began with the premise of wanting to fuse the traditional West African percussion of Djembe orchestration (which includes the Balaphone) with traditional & modern styles of Jazz, R&B, Funk, & Hip Hop, which is represented in the multi-generational makeup of our band. 

The purpose of our musical expression is to bring joy, laughter, love & inspiration as we bring to our audiences what is now known as Edutainment! 


Our members are as follows:  

Mwata Nubian - Songba/Dununba & spoken word, 

Aquah Tcherbu Beale-Balaphone & Vibes, 

Kojo Ayinde Johnson-Djembe, Conga Percussions

Iyedun Ince-Djembe, Conga Percussionist 

Michael Cox-Electric Bass & sound design 

Bruce Mack-Drums, Keyboard & vocalist

Sharif Kales-Trumpet 

Adeyemi "Bro. Jah Koncious" - MC/Vocalist

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